Meet Hayley Foster
Hayley Foster was raised in sunny south Florida.
Her fourth grade teacher Miss Furman always
referred to her as “the class psychologist”. In
sixth grade, she won first place in the highly
competitive elementary school speech contest.
By high school, she could be described as a

Hayley’s favorite part of attending Florida State University was the study
abroad program which enabled her to use London, England as a home base
from which to explore the western world wearing strange haircuts while
earning college credit. She graduated from FSU Cum Laude in 1984. Again
bitten by the personal development bug, Hayley matriculated at Florida
Atlantic University, graduating with a Masters degree in Guidance &
Counseling in 1988. Hayley has worked in the fields of speaking, training,
consulting and personal development in various capacities for over 26 years.
(To download a resume,
click here) Hayley used to read all the time and get
up on stage to act like someone else. She finds it greatly gratifying to read
and think and be paid to get up on stage acting as herself.

Hayley is a well-known, highly respected catalyst for others to get what they
want in their lives. In addition to an active career, she also manages a
household, is a supportive spouse, and a highly involved parent of a son in
his first year of college, and two daughters ages 17 and 11. No hobbies –
she doesn’t have time!

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