What people are saying...
“It was an illuminating and enjoyable experience. It could not have gone better. From start to finish, your
attention to detail, approachability, expertise and professionalism made this a very successful event.
You made the training fun. The only complaint…was that it didn’t go on longer.”
Raymond Walsh, President/CEO Metro Productions, Hampton, VA

"You don’t just offer style: You offer substance! You gave this group realistic, practical information that
they can use to improve their lives – both personally and professionally."
J. Randy Myers, Training & Development Coordinator, VA Dept of Corrections, Academy for Staff

“Your work helped clarify the situation and made it possible for us to make a rational, informed
decision in a timely manner. It is wonderful to find a professional who can comprehend business
policy, mixed in with volumes of emotion, California educational code plus distraught parents and
guide us to a comprehensive solution. Thank you for your insight and professionalism.”
Leslie Stuart, President, Board of Directors, Brush Creek Montessori School, Santa Rosa, CA

“Ms. Foster inspires women of diverse backgrounds to achieve their full potential. She has tirelessly
pursued enhancing quality of life for women. She models desirable attitudes and behaviors for women
and their special challenges. Her natural enthusiasm, insight, motivating energy and professionalism
is inspirational…a woman of vision.”
Cynthia Thorp, President, Disability Planning of VA, Newport News, VA

"She has an incredibly keen sense of intuition to get through the complexity of any challenge/problem
to the very core issue.  Hayley combines her expert listening skills and keen understanding of others to
facilitate client insight, leading to value-added solutions. She combines this with a quest for perfection
and total customer satisfaction to produce strong results for clients. And…she's a blast to be around -
high energy, fun, intelligent."
Mike Travis, Principal, LeadPerformance Executive Coaching, Williamsburg, VA

“Your topic was right on point for our high stress office…
You met the challenge and won their respect.”
Louis S. Haffner, Public Defender, Sonoma County, CA

“…vibrant, compelling…”
Kristin Arnold, Master Facilitator, President, QPC, Inc Fairfax, VA

“Thoroughly focused. Able to teach others to receive signals on many different channels, and to funnel
the emotion into productive pursuits.”
Jeffrey “Bo” Boynton, President/CEOThe Auburn Group, San Jose, CA

“Your obvious talent in rallying the troops have had a significant impact
on our parents and school community.”
Dorothy Knox, Head of School, Hampton Roads Montessori School, Newport News, Virginia

“She listened to my issues and specific situations, helped me see how my strengths and weaknesses
were at play, then figure out what to do to change the situation”
Pam, coaching client, ORCMacro, Maryland

“I heartily recommend your program to any organization that desires to have a meaningful working
relationship with their employees, coworkers and supervisors.”
Dr. Christopher Connolly, Connolly Chiropractic, Newport News, VA

“The best speaker we’ve had. A really fun experience. Thank you again.”
Carrie Phipps-CH2Mhill, Newport News, VA

“You were well received. I heard only positive feedback.”
Sandra Collins, President, Collins Healthcare, Davie, FL
(757) 595-6808